Spring has Sprung

Last week it was chilly.

This week, BAM! spring.

Here in North Texas, we get a few days of heat, then back to chilliness. Then, like a light switch, the heater is on. In the span of two weeks, the trees are busting out.

One of the pear trees I planted last year.
My fig, that I hid from the ice with pipe insulation, with the olives behind.
The Japanese Maple shrugged off the cold weather, as usual. Seems impervious to ice and sub-freezing temps.
The persimmon tree. This year is a fruiting year after cutting back last year.

Those pics were last week. There’s double the leaves today and the pecans are sprouting leaves. Doesn’t look like any dead branches this year.

I’ve finished the floor in the sunroom and now can turn to the gardens. I planted tomatoes and peppers, and realized that I have a lot more space in that garden. So I’ll need more plants, for sure. My cucumbers didn’t adjust too well to outside. They got caught in a wind storm, then some cold temps, and now are toast. So I’ve planted more, but I’ll go hit a nursery to see if they have plants. I saw some at Home Depot this week, but they had barely sprouted.

Why bother? I can get there cheaper in a week or two. I’ll see. I planted some seeds in the garden and bought more online. This weekend the beans and radishes will go in.

I’m also going to plant wildflowers outside the fence. I have a bucket that’s wasted from the floor install that’s going to be a ‘rain barrel’ or at least a tank that I can fill and have it run to drip lines outside the fence. Too lazy to waddle out there with a watering can. Besides, I’m fat with PVC pipe and fittings.

Lot to do, and it’s getting hot.

Today was the day that I realized jean weather was gone.

It happens that fast.

One day, you’re walking the dogs, and it’s cool and crisp. Then the next thing you know you have flop sweats a mile in. That day was today. Time for the shorts and boat shoes.

It’ll be this way until October.