Nexgrill 2

When we moved to the new house, I gave away my ancient Weber Genesis. It was a first generation that I used, and fixed since 1992. So I got 25 years out of it.

Gave my smoker away as well. It was my second New Braunfels brand, and it sucked. Leaky as hell, it was impossible to manage. Another story.

So that left me with my Weber kettle. These things are awesome. Once you get the indirect heat right, you can slow cook anything. A few wood chips, and you get some awesome smoke flavor as well.

But it’s a bit to fire the whole thing up to cook for two.

So I bought an old school hibachi. Total cast iron goodness.

It works well, but I still have to fire it up.

So I got a Nexgrill 2.

Just assembled, ready for the maiden voyage

It’s a small propane grill, like a tailgater. It’s a little bigger than half of my old Genesis. Easy to put together. The cast aluminum body is well built, sturdy. It has a cast iron grill surface.

I had a little issue starting it, since it was windy. But when it started, it heated up fast.

Real fast.

Time for steaks. I had a pack of flat iron steaks from and set them searing.

They cooked fast, and perfect medium.

It came from Costco, at $175. Worth every penny. Easy to use, well built, and works well.

I’m stoked. Now, I need a table outside to hold this and the Hibachi.