Don’t Answer the Door

Don’t answer the door. Never answer the door.

I have a cameras that enable me to not answer the door.

What did I do?

I answered the door.

Just like this:

Except that guy left.

This time, a dude rocked up and I ignored him.

Then he came up with another dude a few hours later. So I’m at a point where I need to know what the hell these nobs want.

Fucking sales dudes.

You know who it worse than Jehovah’s Witnesses? Solar power evangelists.

I’ve looked at Solar. I have friends that install and service solar. Last time they gave me numbers, it was $15K – Five years of electric bills worth, and only if nothing happens in the meantime. Unlike my last house, this house has one set of roofs that face east/west, thus useless for solar, and north/south, the southern facing roof being the only one that gets the most sun. Keeping in mind that the sun tracks Northeast to Southwest over my house, at least in the summer.

Even as I talked with them at 5:00 PM, that roof was well out of full sunlight. I reckon I get 3 hours of full sun on that roof.

And what about batteries? Well, you don’t need them. Don’t need them my ass. Power goes out, and I’ll have zip. Solar fanbois learned that at the last big ice event here.

Tried to explain that, and say nicely, I wasn’t interested. Fucker argued with me.

“Are you mad at me?” Really?

So I said, “Fine. You tell me, for a house like this what’s a ballpark installation cost?”

Hemming and hawing along the lines of the “depends on how much we can sucker from you” logic.

Fuggit Get off my property. If you asked what a ballpark would be for a new wireless network in a house my size I could quote it to the nickel. I could call my car dealer buddy and ask what he could get me an F-150 at auction, with his VIG, and he’d give be a ballpark within a thousand bucks or so. My buddies that install solar for a living gave me a rough number for my last house, without hesitation.

The only reason I answered the door at all was that there is road construction and utility repairs happening around here, So I figured the extra trip was important. I have a rule that is set in stone: If you email me, call me, or rock up to my door and ask for money, for any reason, the answer is an automatic no. Don’t care if it’s Jesus himself, I ain’t buying.

Next time, when two dorks rock up I’ll let them sit.

(As an aside, I was sorely tempted to simply open the door and let Jethro, Aria, and Jasper simply take care of business. They’d have bum rushed them off the property for sure and it would’ve made hilarious video.)