I’m Calling BS

There is a story hitting the blogosphere last week about the 16-year-old kid being handed a paper with the rules on the first day of work.

These rules:

I’m calling BS.

The story started on boredpanda.com and I’m guessing it was made up thing to get people squawking. This basically was an email chain thing that happened decades ago and I doubt anybody is still so enthralled with it that they can print it out and handed to a kid unless her having a conversation about it.

This is not something that you hand to anybody on the first day of work or even ever. One of the commenters called them “boomer rules”. All kidding aside, these is worldwide, multigenerational common sense.

I would never have printed this thing out (nor do I print any of this stuff), and certainly wouldn’t hand it to anyone I just meant. I would however have them look at her list of rules and sign that they understand.

Like these:

  • You are to show up on work on time, ready to work.
  • If you can’t show up you need to call until someone, or better yet find somebody to cover for you (if that applies).
  • While you’re here you are expected to give 100%. 100% effort, with 100% of your time spent on work unless you are on break.
  • Since this is supposedly a 16-year-old I would probably add that you are not to use your personal mobile phone in any way while you are working, and especially in front of customers. Customers are not to wait around until you finish whatever personal business you are conducting on your phone. This would be an example of not giving 100%.
  • You are expected to treat other employees and every customer with dignity and respect. This means you are not to be overly polite, to the point of sarcasm, you are not to act as if it’s a burden for you to help them. You are to be friendly and courteous.
  • We expect you to treat people as you expect to be treated.

Of course I would endeavor to hire people that I would not need these explained to them. One used to not have to explain these things all.

That said, this is something that I’ve told each one of my kids as they started their working life and it has paid off handsomely for them.