Care Package from the Motherland

Herself got a care package from the motherland…

For those uninitiated, the US isn’t a homogenous place. Hell, even Texas isn’t. And there are some amazing foods from local regions such as Louisiana that you simply can’t get here unless you order them. In this case, Herself’s brother hooked us up yet again. Last time, he sent that sauce in gallon jars.

What’s nice about Jack Miller’s is it’s not a sugary goo like many other sauces. It’s more like a relish. It’s chunky. It’s fantastic. And now I think we have a few years supply.

This came on the heals of me thawing out the smoked sausage from Don’s Specialty Meats that we bought when last we visited the motherland. Typically, I’ll by the more brand name sausages and Andouille. Which I did, but I also bought five pounds of their house brand.

We, of course, scored some Boudin as well

There is nothing better in this world than Don’s Boudin.

Usually I order and they ship. I also go to Cajun Grocer but shipping is expensive. They have a lot of other goodies though. So unless I visit, I’ll order when I have more space. My freezers are full at the moment.

Like I said, you can’t get that food where I live. And what is called “Smoked Sausage”, “Andouille”, or “Boudin” is loaded with fillers and is anything but. That smoked sausage has no fillers. None.

Check out the sites. Do a favor and get some goodness in your life.