You Don’t Know

You don’t know what’s going on in Ukraine.

Neither do I really.

But what I do know is what we’re being told is probably a lie.


Because they lie about everything. There is no truth, only the narrative.

They lied about COVID, they are lying about the economy, they are lying about gas prices, they are lying about inflation. They lied about the vaccines, which clearly do not work and probably cause harm.

So why in the name of all that is holy would you believe a word out of their mouth about Putin, or about what’s going on Ukraine?

Fact of the matter is there is plenty of information out there. Plenty. A lot of the blogs on my blog roll are covering this pretty well. Some of them, like Didact, actually have friends over there. There are people sending videos what’s going on that you will never see unless you start digging.

And that’s the point, innit?

You can’t trust a single thing the media says. They’ve been lying since 2008. So what you have to do is find a number different sources that you read, Some are blogs, some are news, many are not based in this country. As a matter fact the foreign sources are better because they often don’t have a dog in a fight that might be going on in the United States.

So you have to read a lot. Read – not view TV. And then you have to go through and interpret what you’ve read using a filter of what you’ve already read before and of basic knowledge of how things work, history, and cultures. From what I see and read, the usual suspects are believing their own bullshit again and the Russians appear to be taking care of business. BTW, read this whole series. It’s eye opening.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Putin isn’t the enemy. The Ukrainians aren’t angels; a group of dindu nuffin angels that are being picked on. Fact of the matter is, we caused this to happen starting in 2014. We caused this to happen by leaving nearly any ally we’ve had high and dry. We caused this by inflating our currency and stopping oil production. We cause this, by allowing a fraudulent election installing a dementia ridden geezer, and the Bozo Explosion to take control of the levers of our government. The reason this happened is they couldn’t conceive that somebody might mean what they said and do what they said they’d do.

What’s especially galling is to hear and see the neocons teamed up with conservative Inc. the bang the war drums and sing the songs of war. What the hell! Up to now it’s been a big fat case of “ let’s you and him fight”. But now were talking my actually doing things. Not that we haven’t already done things. Punishing Russian people who had nothing to do with this and nothing to say about it, and may not even live in the country, for what the home country is doing? I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to seize people’s assets, and ruin their economy, or send arms to their foes, without a declaration of war. No one should be happy about this. No one should agree with this.

But then again look who’s leading the charge. We have a dementia addled idiot president, we have the mother of all dingbats as a vice president, and we have grandma wine box, a drunken old fool as our speaker the house. They are trying to protect their money laundering operation. Where you think Hunter Biden got those millions? How many children of this ruling class have board of director assignments with Ukrainian companies? Companies with products they know nothing about. I can think of at least four.

But these are the people were going to get behind charging into war with a nuclear power? Keep in mind, Putin really hasn’t sent the A Team and probably has planned that we’d do something stupid. The best chess players are Russian FFS.

Not me man. I’m charging nowhere. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

At the end of the day what were going to see here is an end to the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. We’ve inflated it away, and then we acted like the mean girls club and denied people its use. So they’re going elsewhere. We have we a totally corrupt selfish elite that can be counted on to do the exact wrong thing for the good of the nation. So much so that everybody else in the world knows it. And what they’re going to do is ignore us. Although they’ll make the deals they have to make to further their own interests.

If you haven’t been reading Peter at Bayou at Renaissance Man you better start. As well as Michael Yon. You need to build a deep pantry. Because times are gonna get tough.

Let me tell you how; Ukraine and Russia export something like 40% of the fertilizer we use, I think China is in there somewhere as well. China is not exporting fertilizer because reasons. Ukraine and Russia export about 30% of the world’s wheat. Which may or may not happen. Fertilizer was already becoming geometrically more expensive and hard to get before this happened. We have farmers in our country that are going to have trouble producing crops at the yields we become to expect. The other countries account on the Ukraine and Russia may have to count on others such as us. That is going to raise the cost of most everything.

Herself went to get something out of the back fridge, noticed the extra bags of flour that I vacuum sealed and stuck in the refrigerator and asked us why we had so much. This is why. I use a pantry system, and I buy what I need now at the lower prices of today, such as they are.

This is why I added a garden bed, and bought berry bushes and fruit trees.

You should be building your pantry and buying guns and ammo while you still can.

“Hard times create strong men. Strongmen create good times. Good times create weak men. And weak men create hard times”

G. Michael Hopf (Those Who Remain)

Morons create excruciating times. I don’t know where to fit that in.

It’s all so tiresome.