What a Week

It’s been a super busy week.

I’ve had a live session for most of the week, so I’ve been consumed with that. I’ve been on a big project, one that’s highly visible, so I really didn’t have the time to prepare for these live sessions until the last moment, having to do some fast setup before the sessions started each day. Thankfully, Windows Server cooperated- NOT! I had tons of updates to do. Some of my older software wasn’t patched so it wouldn’t upgrade.

But they went well. I’m not one that makes sure everything is perfect. On eLearning, you only see what works. You don’t see when things don’t, although I’ll add that sometimes. But live, when things blow up, there you are with a group of people (on the web) watching.

And those are teachable moments.

As is the mess in Ukraine.

To quote the Adaptive Curmudgeon, “It’s all bullshit and everyone knows it”

I’m sick to death of the Ukraine Fanbois. Where were these people when they were shelling the eastern half of the country? I found that on Vox Day’s site. They’ve apparently been at it for seven years – since Obama meddled and caused a color revolution. FWIW – that section of the country is ethnic Russians who wanted to go their own way in 2014, or go back to Russia.

The left has been calling Putin the essence of all evil since Hillary lost, and now they are totally invested in believing their own bullshit. They forget that Ukraine is a mess because we caused that.

They forget, or won’t admit, that they’ve been laundering cash and paying off our dear leaders for years. The Bidens come to mind here, but there are more.

No recognition whatsoever that all this could’ve been avoided had we said Ukraine would never be part of NATO. The morning guy I listen to here in DFW flat out said it was none of Putin’s business and if a country wants to join NATO they should be able.


Let’s cover some points here:

NATO ceased to have a reason to exist when the USSR broke up.

Our NATO buddies, Germany and France, rarely go with NATO and often work against it.

We promised we wouldn’t expand eastward, and promptly welshed.

The CEO of my company, always on the cutting edge of rightthink, has declared we’ll stop doing business with Russia. I wasn’t aware we did, so far as I can tell that’s smells like BS. But he’s cutting lose contractors we use in Russia. Nice. Cutting loose people that have no blame in this whatsoever, making their lives even worse. Funny, I didn’t see this kind of backbone on mandates. He was all to willing to enforce Joey Potato’s patently unconstitutional mandates.

Couple things are interesting to note:

We don’t know what’s going on there. We do know that whatever the press says is not only wrong, but probably opposite. A ton of the footage you see touted on twitter and the like is years old. The “Ghost Pilot” is a bullshit story. The only video I’ve seen plausible was a dude recording what some yentas were showing him, which was destroyed trees, with piles of meat at the base along with unused anti-tank weapons and rifles. Apparently they took a shot at a tank and were turned into hamburger. That, is a Russian tactic. As well as an American one, BTW.

Putin being like Hitler, crazy in a bunker is projection. We know they have plans. We don’t know what they are, but he absolutely has declared his goals clearly for months. Putin being unhinged is far out of Character from what I’ve seen. There’s a reason he did what he did, even it if was that he could get away with it.

Joey Potato and the Bozo Explosion can be counted on to do the exact wrong thing. Bet on it. Read this piece from Stephen Green. We’re heading to a place where there will be no alternative but to make things worse. I expected this, of course.

Consider this; a huge amount of fertilizer is exported by Ukraine and Russia. Also China, who stopped exports because reasons. So you can bet food prices, if there is food to get, will be through the roof.

Russia isn’t all wrong

Ukraine isn’t all innocent.

And there are some teachable moments here.

First, you need to do some research. You are being lied to, one way or the other.

Second, a lot of this “Stand with Ukraine” is bullshit. Yeah, they cut them loose from SWIFT, but not for energy, gas, oil. Standing does not mean helping. And isolating Russia isn’t helping.

Third – I saw a blurb somewhere, which I can’t find now, showing Russians queued up at the subway because Apple Pay and Google killed Russian transactions. Yeah. Right. The pic could be from anywhere. Whypipo in line at a subway. But seeing what we saw in Canada with the banksters, why in the name of all that is holy would you trust either with your money? I cut loose PayPal months ago for far less.

You should too.

PS -Right on queue, There’s this. You can also go to Vox Day’s Site to see more.