What a Week

Is it OK to eat ranch dressing if it has clumps?

Asking for a friend…

I said it before, I’ll say it again; I don’t care about Ukraine.

They axed for it.

Democrats have been grifting from them since Obama meddled and caused a color revolution. And all the time, we’ve ignored one of the biggest Russian bugaboos – They don’t want NATO up in their grill. So what did we do since they broke up?

Go to every shit-and-fart breakaway and offer membership in the club.

No one says it better than Pat Buchanan.

When the USSR imploded, NATO should have dissolved. Period. End of Discussion.

We have more in common with Russia than not.

When East Germany wiped out and reunited, we promised NATO wouldn’t expand. And two seconds later, welshed. This is all our making. And all Joey Potato had to do is peel back and he couldn’t do it. Because he’s addled, and his puppetmasters are in full-retard mode.

Putin knows this. As does Xi. As does every other bad actor.

Joey IceCreamCone could kneecap them in a heartbeat by taking the boot off the neck of the energy producers here. But he won’t. He’s stupid like that. So we’ll all suffer. No doubt about it.

Wanna know an interesting tidbit about trade with Russia?

We buy $700M of fertilizer from them. Yeah. Remember my post about food prices going up?

Fertilizer is made from oil. Oil is going through the roof. Yeah.

Putin is doing what every sane leader would do. Take advantage of a weak president and do what needs done.

Didn’t have to be this way. But the left here has generated such a narrative that the Rooskies are the bad guys, they’ve put us in a corner. It’s all downhill from here.

Keep in mind that since Obama meddled there, we’ve been feeding money to Ukraine, who “laundered” it and sent it back to us in the form of grift. Think Hunter Biden and 10% for the big guy. That’s your money, not there’s. And, this is in part about money. The pipeline that feeds Europe gas traverses Ukraine, who extracts a VIG from Russia. Nordstream 2 negates that. Now, Ukraine will be part of Russia, and they’ll get nothing. Think of it as the mob money launderer that got greedy. Yeah.

You will pay for this. Count on it.

Buy guns, ammo, and food while you still can.