Tales from Captivity

Got an early copy of “Tales from Captivity” to do a final proof and review (that I promised), blew through 3/4 in the first night, made notes, then promptly was overcome by events and forgot about it until it came out. Doing the lords work, I am. I guess.

This is a collection of short stories, by Nikolai Vladivostock (of SovietMen fame), some of which appeared on the web, some were crafted new. It’s the kind of book, at least for me, is great to pick up and read when I end my day late, but it’s still too early to go to bed. I can read a few stories, and put it down.

A few of the stories are really great, with awesome twists. Some of them still make me smile as I think about them. A couple left me scratching my head. I get the arty concept used with them, but I like a little closure in my stories.

Sorry for being so pedestrian.

For example, right out of the gate, the first story left me hanging, thinking somewhere in the collection we’d turn back to see how it ended. But, nope. That ignominious start was all there was to it.

That said, most of the others made up for it.

A great, light read all for the princely sum of $2.99.

BTW, I did end up buying a copy. Threw a brother a few shekels.