That is the Sound of Inevitability

You hear that Mr. Anderson?… That is the sound of inevitability… It is the sound of your death… Goodbye, Mr. Anderson…

Agent Smith

Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man had a great piece about the doings in Ukraine the other day.

I remember reading Victor Davis Hanson where he explained why countries go to war:

  • They feel it’ll be in their interest
  • They feel they can win

Or something along those lines. I think in there was they think they can get away with it. Usually that happens because some idiot capitulates. Like happened at Biden’s press conference. Well, there will be consequences. But if they only do it a little we’ll talk about it.

The man is a doddering senile.

Think about this from Russia and China’s perspective.

Our economy is melting. We have a senile imbecile, who never was more than a corrupt midwit, in charge. His #2 is loathed, and even more incompetent than him. Our military has gone woke, and has been denuding itself of the hardened pros. All either to do is wait until the right moment, knowing full well we can do little, and our ‘allies’ will do nothing.

I’ve read where the democrats know they have a problem. They need to keyster shuffle her outta there before they send old Joe off on the ice flow. What a perfect time to do what you want to get done.

I’m no genius. But I can see dots lining up. One thing for sure, it’ll all hit at once. I’ve read even more chatter that them poking the Russian bear is a wag-the-dog thing to distract us from our economy and the COVID scam falling apart.

As an aside, I must know a dozen people that have come down with the coof in the last week. Everyone, it seems, but me and herself. Even the grandkids, which it appears to manifest as a stomach flu, which brings me back to the thought – if they hadn’t stirred everyone up, would you notice? Eh..I had a cold, but it passed quickly. Meh…kids had a 24 bug this week.

Interesting times ahead.