Run by Morons

Stupid, Incompetent, and Greedy morons.

I set out to write about this weeks ago, but the stupidity keeps piling in. It never ends.

Today the story is that Biden is loosing the oil reserves to combat whatever. Last week, it was a letter to the justice department telling them to look into the oil companies. You know, maybe if his administration wasn’t antagonistic to the petroleum industry, maybe prices wouldn’t be skyrocketing.

Meanwhile, his treasury secretary is all about racist bridges and overpasses. Doesn’t seem to be bothered by a shipping crisis on his watch. BTW, you know what a hundred ships anchored off the docks do? Burn oil. The generators are running, as are probably the motors. I’m sure that’s carbon neutral.

Meanwhile, the prices of fertilizer are skyrocketing as well. You know what’s used for making fertilizer? Petroleum. Yeah. This means food will be more expensive. Before you can buy those soy hotdogs you like, you have to grow some soy. Bayou Renaissance man has the best information on this.

If you haven’t created, stocked, and maintain a pantry, you will have issues shortly. No Doubt. You need to do it quickly and quietly.

Meanwhile, they’ve nominated an actual commie to be the comptroller of the currency. She thinks we don’t need banks for our own money. One thing I haven’t heard floated yet, and it floats like a turd every time a democrat is running the show, is the ‘everyone should surrender their 401k to the gubmint so the gubmint will give you a pension’. They covet those dollars, and have for decades. First time I heard this was during Clinton’s term. I’ve heard it every few years since.

And right on queue, guess who’s running for Governor of my state, Texas.

Beto. Friggin Beto.

Because that’s always a solution to the worlds problems, Trying to elect a useless affluenza riddled prick whose sole accomplishment appears to be marrying into money. Apparently he’s upset at what happened to the Texas electrical grid a year ago during a once-in-500-year weather event. I’m struggling to understand how he’ll square his green policies with the need for more coal or nuke power here. Clearly, one of the biggest issues here was the investment in wind power at the expense of real electrical generation.

So great. Abbott isn’t a great governor, so let’s elect a nitwit rich boy.

You know, I don’t know where I saw it. I think it was a meme. But it went something like this:

“No group of animals anywhere on this planet lets the idiot lead.”

Except us of course. Apparently it’s what we do.

I’m predicting that the more stupidity the feds commit, the more likely richboy Governor candidate gets curbed stomped come election time.

I don’t have faith in the feds whatsoever.

But I do in my Texan neighbors.

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