On Some Level, The System Works

My main ‘goto’ computer blew a bearing last night with an ominous “POP” sound. Hopefully, it’s just a power supply. I’d planned on replacing it, but not right now. It’s kind of like idly searching for a new car only to have your 12 year old hoopty blow up or get wrecked in the meantime.

So I reserved a power supply on the interwebs and today, waddled to the fifth circle of hell, also known a MicroCenter. What it allowed me to do though was catch the Rittenhouse verdict live.

On some level, the system works.

The boy should never have been charged. Given who he ventilated, he’s done society a favor all the while showing remarkable restraint. As seen on Aesop’s site, Had he been an angry old geezer like me, things would be different. In for a dime, in for a dollar. I’d have finished the dude with his arm blown, and calmly melted back to some sort of safe zone, More than likely smoking anyone who threatened me on the way. People aren’t stupid, I’m guessing there would have been no one screwing around.

This was never about race and I don’t know why it was made so.

I might remind those on the left that the same thing that freed him may free them. These things work on a pendulum. And if you want to create a monster of a justice system, sooner or later that monster will eat you as well. Only a matter of time.