Why, Oh Lord, Why?

WordPress appears to have updated it’s interface.

No email. No “Hey, we’ve improved things” banner when you sign in.

Just up and changed.

I know. Inside baseball. Who cares?

Apparently, it’s still a work in progress. Another irritation.

What’s it doing?

Well, they’ve changed what I see as I type. It now appears as Times New Roman in 10pt. When I hit ‘preview’ to see what it actually looks like, I have a choice – desktop, tablet, or mobile. Desktop does nothing. Tablet changes my view, then blows up. Nice.

I had to publish to see what the post actually looked like.

I don’t know why software companies do this. Microsoft is famous for it. Just when you get used to the interface in Office, they change it causing you days of pain as you relearn where everything you needed went.

Enough venting.

I’ll get on with figuring it out.