Tugging at the Heart

I’m sitting here, typing. Listening to tunes.

We count our blessings one by one
Yet we have forgotten how to give
It seems that we don’t want to face
All the hungry and homeless who struggle to live
But heaven is watching tonight
Tugging at our hearts to do what’s right

Who Will Save the Children, Randy Stonehill

If you want to see this played look here:

Total hippy song. But with a great point.

Not my point today, though.

Mines the “tugging at our hearts to do what’s right”

I’m listening to Gordon Lightfoot picking a twelve string. Do you know how strong and hard your hands have to be to do that? I do. I’ve done it. And as a novice luthier, I can tell you that the string tension on a 12 string guitar is over double a six string. The neck is also bigger. So it seems easy until you get to that third verse or so.

Hands like rocks, I tells ya.

And I’m staring at my bare walls. Only one electric guitar and a Fender mandolin I can’t sell or play to save my life are hanging there.

This is going to cause me to troll eBay looking for a broken child of an acoustic guitar to pick up cheap and fix. The last Ovation I had I enjoyed for years, turned a profit, and sold it to a dude that will cherish it.

May be time for another project. The heat is over here now, and I can spend time playing with wood.

As an aside, I have chunks of Ash I need to cut to usable sizes for another project. One, maybe two, neck-thru basses. We’ll see. I have my cheapy chainsaws prepared for step one. I’ll VLog it so you all can laugh. I’m not shy. I can laugh at myself, why can’t you as well?

Definitely going to do what’s right and score an acoustic guitar. Soon as I figure out how to pay for it.