Jasper Update

Hopefully the last Jasper update.

So thanks to the labor day holiday, Jasper had to wait another two days to get his stitches out.

It was a tough morning. He had beaten his ‘reusable’ cone to death and learned how to remove it. It’s sitting on the counter, dirty and battered. It took no time flat for the vet to remove the stitches. We were home in less than a half hour.

This is his ‘resting’ face. Smiling, wanting to play.

He didn’t miss a beat, and since it was later in the morning than usual, I had three dogs following me around, dead-legging me, to walk. So off we went.

Walking – Aria and Jasper

Later on in the day, one of the spots where the stitches were popped open. Looked worse than it was. Freaked herself out. Having had enough of this, I sprayed doggy bactine on it, followed by liquid band-aid. The next morning, it looked like a scrape, like road-rash. Didn’t seem to bother him, he wasn’t licking it, and it had sealed.

It’s healing fine. Even his hair is growing back.

Hopefully, we can be trouble free until November when Aria and Jasper have their yearly visit to the vet. Oooof! that’s gonna be a hit.

Not to leave out Jethro, the Boy came over the other evening for dinner. He’s been through a bit of turbulence in his life this month which I won’t elaborate on. It almost seemed like Jethro knew, and wouldn’t leave him alone. My son causes the sun to rise in the morning if you’d ask Jet. He’s the dog’s favorite person in the whole world.

Jet with his dude

Jethro never, ever gets on the couch.

But he had to be there with my son that night.

We really don’t deserve dogs.