You don’t see that every day…

Not around here anyway.

The other day, I wound up behind one of these:

From Right to left: a “Vote Blue” sticker, a “Joe Biden” sticker, and the one you can’t really read – a “resistance” sticker.

Got to be a transplant.

The hardcore nuts around here usually festoon their cars with bumper stickers. They’ll be all over the back. Usually there’s a “North Texas Democrat” one of some type, or a “Collin County Democrat” one, along many many others.

It was a woman. I’m wondering if she’s still happy now. Maybe she’s that stupid.

Like I said in an earlier post, they’ve done years worth of screwing up in only seven months or so. Inflation is already climbing far higher and faster than they’ll admit. We’re starting to get the effects of their idiotic policies starting to come to fruition. Like the CDC rent ban ending. Wonder what happens when the evictions start?

I don’t.

And let’s not forget punking our allies in Afghanistan. There will be repercussions. We blew decades of trust. The fallout will be impressive. And I’ll bet this week they say “All our people are out”. But they won’t be. It’ll be months before the true stories come out. Hell, they’ll make movies.

People like this woman crow about Big This and Big That. BIG PHARMA IS RUINING HEALTCARE! 2019. Now you need to trust them implicitly and get the jab. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the conspiracy theory about how the GM, Standard Oil, and Goodyear cabal ruined streetcars from these types. Never occurs to them that busses were simply less expensive than digging up streets for streetcars.

But they’ll vote for the fools that are on the payroll of big this and that every time. Think about it. You’re flying a Biden flag on your car. Dude’s wealthy. Riddle me this: How do you get that when you’ve been in elected office your whole career? Where did those millions come from? The Ex-babysitter wife, a “Doctor” of education? yeah.

But I digress.

It took Carter years to get to this state. And let me tell you, those years were painful. One of my chores was to take the cars and go sit in line for gas so my Dad and Sister could get to work. Interest on your car notes or house was double digits.

And we didn’t have the division and animosity we have today.

Well, at least there’s not an orange dude tweeting hurty words.

We have that going for us, I suppose.

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