Called It

Biden came on the tube and declared everyone is out. At least everyone that wanted to come.

What did I say?

Right on cue, the narrative is starting. We got everyone out. They were all told with plenty of notice, and anyway they are dual citizens and wanted to stay. Sure. That’s the hymn they’ll all sing this week, and then nevermore will it be sung. The whole ugly situation will be memory-holed. We’ve already covered this, blah blah blah.

But they didn’t get everyone out. Not even close.

Best site for information is Michael Yon’s. He’s been over there and he’s tuned in to action on the ground.

The United States military is part of the problem. They knowingly and willingly left Americans at the airport gate within the last few hours. I and others worked hard and personally to get American troops to come to the gate or call their Taliban counterparts to let them in. TALIBAN WERE WILLING TO LET THEM IN.

I contacted all the right people. They all failed. Including Lieutenant General Erik Kurilla. Courageous in battle. Morally corrupt. All failed. Don’t call me. Don’t contact me ever again.

We will work with Afghans and veterans and private real Americans and others to get people out. We don’t need you. We don’t want you.

Michael Yon

A good summary is here at Bayou Renaissance.

And here.

We even left Dogs, as it turns out. Story is they weren’t actual military dogs, but contractor dogs that may or may not have been left with a rescue group. But, they were told to release them. The Gubmint says no. That said, I’ve read more than a few stories on this including video. And it sure looked like some German Shepherds and Belgians were trotting around free on the airport grounds.

Probably nothing though.

This isn’t over. It’s far from over.

Because aside from Biden’s compulsive watch checking when the bodies returned, and his manifestly tone deaf mumbling to the Gold Star Families, there’s history. There will be slaughter. There will be hostages.