Just another day….

This is the boy’s new thing:

He’s getting mouthy.

This is Jasper’s new thing.

As it happens, I figured out, by simple observation, that he wants to either come into my office, or have Aria play with him. I think it’s more that he wants to hang at my feet.

But girlfriend will bite him if he tries to pass her.

Hence, the drama.

Speaking of drama. It’s going to be a long night.

The lampshade of shame..

Just as I was winding down this evening, doing my shoulder stretches and exercises in the garage, Jasper was chasing squirrels. At one point, he leaped up from behind a pig-iron sculpture of leaves that my daughter made back in college and opened up his leg. If you look, you can see $500 worth of stiches on his thigh. It was gross. Looked like a chicken leg with the skin peeled away.

So as I type, here’s what’s doing:

Going to be a long night.

He’s drugged.

He’s exhausted.

He can’t lie down.

And he’s crying.

I can’t leave my buddy like this. Time to pack it in. I’ll probably sleep on the couch with him tonight.

He’s my boy. I can’t let him suffer.