De-Stinking the Car

I’ve been hooked on Vice Grip Garage for some time.

When he’s cleaning these old cars, Derek and his helpers use Sprayway Products, which he endorses on the site. So, I did the right thing and bought one of everything.

Three of the cans I got

Good thing too, since my car was filthy, and stunk of dog.

Unlike Herself, I’m not big on cleaning the ride. I’ll keep it uncluttered, but it’s many months before I get around to cleaning anything other than the windshield.

So I got busy one weekend and cleaned the thing up.

Clean as a whistle

I give them four stars.

Wow. Not only clean, but smelling like a new car. And that’s saying something, considering how bad, and bad smelling it was. A seriously bad mix of dirt, stale fast food, dog, and sweat.

I haven’t used the outside products yet, since the dumb car came with clear sticker nose guards that I have to remove first.

So I’ll report back when I do the outside.