When Does Adulting Start?

When does someone have Agency?

When is someone responsible for their actions?

When is someone held accountible?

This week a number of Texas democrats fled to DC to evade their responsibilities and lobby for a patently unconstitutional bill. What I’m wondering is; Who’s paying for this? Who’s paying for the chartered jets?

You see, the legislature here only meets every other year. Representatives and Senators cannot make a living from the Texas Gubmint. They meet, and take care of business. If they screw around, they get called back in special session, as has happened here. Every time they do so, it costs them money. The minute they step a toe back in Texas, they’ll be detained and sent to session, as they should be. Do. Your. JOB!

It’s all kabuki theater.

Just like last time, they’ll have to come back. And when they do, the session will commence and whatever that they were avoiding will be voted on whether they like it or not. They really are playing with fire this time as upwards of 90% of Texans want the voting rules they are jamming to be passed.

FWIW, voting here is easy. We have early voting. You can waddle into city hall, or any government facility hosting it, and vote long before election day. Other than last years presidential election, I don’t think I’ve ever spent as much as fifteen minutes on the task. I used to travel every other week, and I’ve never found it a burden. You do need ID, but so what? You need ID for everything these days.

Assuming someone can’t get ID or somehow can’t fathom how to vote is silliness.

Are eligible voters adults or not?

How about if you can’t figure out how to vote, maybe it’s not your thing, and you don’t.

How about if you can’t score an ID, which you need in life anyhow, you don’t vote. Honestly, without ID of some form or another, you have bigger problems than which nob politician sits in office. The state makes it easy to get an ID. No reason you can’t get one. None.

How about we only allow adults to vote, and only vote once per election?

That’s what makes this whole situation with the Texas Democrats even more silly than it looks.

It’s all a show. It’s all so tiresome.

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