Geez, they’re at it again

We had announcements from ERCOT that it would be best if we turned up our thermostats. Energy crunch a-comin’.

ERCOT is that poorly named ‘reliability’ council for electric power here in Texas. This winter we had a freeze and electric power was anything but reliable. To put it bluntly, they mismanaged the grid so bad that they had to have rolling blackouts to prevent and even bigger catastrophe. Wind farms weren’t generating (duh), other plants were down for maintenance. Infrastructure wasn’t built to deal with a once in a hundred year freeze.

I get that. Then again, they went to the EPA to increase power generated by coal plants and were told they could have 20%, the rest had to be paid with carbon credits.

People died from this stupidity.

Now, we’re facing a typical Texas summer. We aren’t even into the real heat yet. It’s been a cool, wetter than normal spring and by my measure, the Texas heat only really started maybe two weeks ago.

And now they are crowing that we need to bump the temp on the thermostat up.

You gotta be kidding me. You aren’t prepared yet?

Good lord, why are we paying for this troop of baboons to screw things up?

And it’s not that Texas has it’s own grid. It’s a power generation issue. We need more stable coal and nuke plants. Period. You can’t have everyone come here from hell’s half acre and not increase electricity and water supplies.

Worse yet, I’m reading stories of those unfortunates that have smart thermostats and meters that these devices are helpfully changing the temps for them. Nanny state at it’s worst.

No Way. I’m not big fan of smart thermostats. I had one in the last house and found it was more trouble than it was worth. Certainly, it wasn’t any more useful than a simple programmable one. It’s been my experience that the AC doesn’t respond well to tweaks here and there. And maybe it’s best to program the temperature scheme once, and let it run, having change the temp incrementally and in steps. For instance, if you set it to 78-80 degrees while you are away at work, and go to 74 when you return – it’ll be running full blast trying to catch up as you return during the peak heat of the day (which is actually 5 pm or so here).

In any event, I’m in no mood for this silliness. So to that end I’ve bought a generator.


I bought this manufacturer because The Knight’s Council I’m in uses one, a smaller one, to sell frozen Tamales. The thing purrs all day, while sipping gas. Far as I know we’ve had it for years and it’s yet to break.

This particular one runs on both propane and gasoline, and sports a 30A socket which, eventually, I’ll wire into a distribution panel so I won’t need to run extension cords everywhere.

This is one of those things that it’s best to buy when you don’t need it. After the big freeze, Home Depot had stacks of generators, less powerful, and off brand for nearly twice what I paid for this bad boy.

So when I get a chance, I’ll oil it up and do it’s break in. I’ve already scored a 5 gal Just-Rite can to feed this. Although it has a nearly 5 gallon tank, I may need to double up on that can. I’ll do some tests and report back.