Jet watches TV

I was watching a flick on Amazon and noticed the big guy gripped by the actions.

FWIW, the movie is called ‘Memorial Day’ and it features James Cromwell – who has been in tons of movies and TV, usually as a character actor, or bad guy. Here, he’s the grandfather that was in WW2 that told his grandson to pick five items from the locker he brought him, and he’d tell their story. It flashes between modern day where the grandson is an Afghanistan vet, to the grandfather telling the story, to the grandfather back in the day when the story happened.

I’m not deep in it yet, but it’s very good. Jet likes it:

Look at his eyes and what he’s doing with his mouth. He was into it.

Why do I write about the dogs?

Why not?

They are innocent. They are fun.

And things are so screwed, if you don’t get that, so are you too.

The amount of screwing up in the last six months is epic. They stole the election. Everyone knows it. And they lie about literally everything. Why would you believe a word that comes out of any gubmint official these days? That is the price they paid, and the bill will come due.

Inflation is way, way up. A trip for a few items at the grocery store that was maybe $20-$30 when I first moved here went from that to $50-60, and now is around $100.

The fools running this place have no clue, and won’t admit they’ve screwed up. They point at the Chinese. They point at the Russians. Both appear to merely be looking after their interests. We may not agree, but we aren’t them. And they are unloading metric tons of American Paper (debt). They aren’t stupid, they don’t want to be holding bad paper when it happens. And FFS, that decrepit imbecile that’s our president is going to meet Putin on his turf. Wow. Watch embarrassing video pop up like daisies.

One of my jobs when Carter was the president was to take the cars my Dad and Family used to get to work, sit in line, and get gas in them so they wouldn’t have to. Interest was double digits. I pounded miles of pavement looking for work, and only got menial stuff.

It’s coming. And it’s coming hard. And people my age will long for the Carter days. There will be no late boomer/early gen-X retirement. You’re seeing what you were promised vanish before your eyes.

Get out of Debt.

Learn to live simply.

Buy Guns and Ammo while you still can (if you can).

Buy a generator, a metal gas can – more than one, and a water purifier.

Count on anyone in power anywhere to do the absolutely wrong thing.

By the time the heat gets serious here, I’ll be setup to hurt the environment the nanosecond the power fails.