Rolling Thunder

The high school girls that are running the Biden administration have decided to reject AMVETS permit, for the first time in 30 years, to use the Pentagon parking lot to muster for their memorial parade this year.

If you haven’t seen this event, it’s something to behold. Thousands of bikers, in parade, across memorial bridge to the mall to honor our vets.

The Rolling to Remember ride, also known as “Rolling Thunder,” had often used the Pentagon’s parking lot as their staging area, where the riders would arrive and set up before rolling out, riding from the Pentagon to the various war memorials located along the National Mall. The Department of Defense’s rejection makes it much more difficult for them to get started in a space that is large and safe enough for them to gather before beginning the procession.

Congressman Issa released a statement declaring that “the Biden Administration is making a terrible mistake by blocking a veteran’s charity from the use of the Pentagon parking lot for the Rolling to Remember POW/MIA remembrance motorcycle ride. This last-minute rejection, a first of its kind in more than 30 years, leaves patriotic veterans without a safe alternative.”

Eric Lendrum, American Greatness

Yes. Because thousands of patriotic men and women, riding bikes (usually Harleys), adorned with flags can be such a threat. Unless you’ve seen it, you can’t fathom how big the pentagon parking lots are (more than one aren’t adjacent to the building, so what’s the threat?), and how empty they are on the weekends.

I for one am sick of the petty, infantile jackasses that are lording over us. Fact is, there are a number of stadium parking lots they can assemble, then process – gobbing up the highways. I hope they do. I hope they assemble in at the stadium in Maryland, process down East Capitol street, and jam up the city, east to west.

And then the imbeciles running the show will understand the reason the Pentagon parking was offered in the first place.