Monday Quote

Liberals can’t solve the problems they create. So instead they focus on imagined problems that will provide an unlimited supply of activism and opportunities to spite God. Declaring war on white supremacy is the same as declaring war on jealousy – it’s a war that can be waged forever. As long as you can find a white person doing well in their life through their own labor, you can argue that white supremacy exists and feel justified to engage in mass censorship while giving power to politicians that make the problem even worse.

Roosh Valizedah, “American Pilgrim

I’d argue it’s not jealousy, but the deadly sins of envy and pride they are dabbling in. Regardless, this is straight out of ‘1984’ by Orwell.

We’re at war with Eastasia, we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

They always have to have an Emmanuel Goldstein.