You gotta get you one..

I like to joke that there are two lines you’ll hear in Texas when talking about something. “You gotta get you one of those” and “Them are good”. It’s funny because I’ve had the lowliest worker say that, as well as my double – masters degreed boss when I first arrived.

“You gotta get you a Honda Lawnmower. Them are good lawnmowers”

At the time my boss said that I had just moved here, and needed a lawnmower for my yard. At 1/4 acre, a lot of it landscaped, and the back mostly driveway and porch, I didn’t need much mower and at the time and I had my eyes on a 2-stroke Lawn-Boy, at half the price of the Honda. I always thought they were cool, with those offset front wheels.

“You’re gonna have all kinda trouble out of that Lawn-Boy” he said. To which I replied I wasn’t buying an almost $800 lawnmower for my tiny yard. The Lawn-Boy lasted well over a decade and now that I think about it, the problem was probably a worn piston. 2 Strokes are about as simple as a butter churn, mechanically.

You can buy all kinds of great mowers these days. What you can’t get is a decent gas can for it. I swear I’ve been through a dozen crappy plastic cans with the childproof filler neck that you get so frustrated with that you smash the mechanism off and use just the tube. After the last one got crappy and I had to throw it out, I said the hell with it and bought an old school can.

Behold the JustRite Can.

A man’s gas can.

I got mine at a shop that the pros use and at the time, nearly a decade ago, it set me back $70. Worth every penny. Easy to use, safe, durable. Doesn’t leak or spill. Does not have a little plastic vent to break and stink up your shed with fumes. When you squeeze the handle, if there’s any pressure, it blows out the spout.

There aren’t many full metal cans out there any longer. And really, when you think about it, over the ten years prior to buying this, I’ve probably bought a dozen plastic cans. I’d get one for my 2 stroke gas, but I buy that premixed these days. I found I wind up with no clogged carburetors that way.

So do it right. Get you metal can. Them are good.