Yet another critter

Awhile back I did a post on the destructors. My three dogs. But I forgot one of the other creatures that live here. So I thought add her.

But first, look at this doofus:

Always wants a ride

Whenever I open a car door, the doofus Jasper jumps in. You see car=fun, so if I get into a car I’ll have fun. We’ve only taken him to the vet a few times. Most of the trips are to neighbors with dogs, or the dog park. I basically have to leave him there until he realizes were going nowhere. I tried doubling back towards the house door, and he followed, but as soon as I turned back he beat me back to the car and jumped back in. At this point I just and we go back to my office and when I see him leave on the camera I go back and shut the door.

It wasn’t until very recently that we’ve come to have dogs. We had cats forever though. A and get the flock off hurts t one point, three of them.


This is the only one left, Bonzai. We named her that because as a kitten she would run along the top of the couch, and divebomb at my daughter’s big cat Pog. (The cat was named Pog Mo Thoin. Kiss my ass in Irish. She lived up to her name). I was going through some old videos that I created for work and I heard her as a kitten meowing and one of them. She would come up to my desk and cry to be picked up and put on the desk, where she slept on my hat. She was too tiny to jump up herself.

Later on, she figured it out.

I can haz a laptop

In the spring of 2014, I was diagnosed with throat cancer, which you can read about at the link above. No matter where I was, my office, the living room couch, the couch in my office, or the bedroom, Bonzai would be at my side. We had a cat door, so she could come and go as she pleased. And used to go out hunting every night. But it seemed that whenever I woke up, she was next to me. When I was working she’d sit on my lap. It’s to the point now that I sleep better when she’s curled up next to me.

At 15 years old, She’s now an old lady. An old lady that likes to lie in bed. If she were human she’d be in a chair gawping at the TV all day. She doesn’t care whatsoever for the dogs, and to that end we normally have a gate in the hallway to prevent them from tangling with her. The closest one to come in contact with her was Jasper, who got a slashed nose out of it.

She’ll jump up and sit in the windows. But she has little curiosity to venture past the gate, or even approach it unless she’s hungry.

She also misses the litter box. So we put down puppy pads. I think she has bouts of senility.

But far as I’m concerned she’s earned her life of leisure. And it’ll be a painful, sad day when she passes.