Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

This week Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, removed the mask mandates and restrictions for restaurants and whatnot. And in no time flat the usual suspects started with their arm flapping and garment rending. You can read it here courtesy of, because I’m too lazy to insert the original stuff and can’t be bothered. Besides he did a better job than me.

Louis CK had a bit about this, which is right on target:


We are living with the generation of spoiled idiots.

Did the governor say you can’t wear a mask? Did say you shouldn’t wear a mask? Did he say businesses and cities had to drop their mandates?

No. He said no such thing. So if you want to wear a mask wear a mask for God Sakes. I live in North Texas and I can’t count the number of people I’ve seen with the mask under their nose, the mask under their chin, wearing an N95 mask that’s fitted poorly and has huge gaps on the sides thus being useless, people wearing bandanna so thin you can see through them, and a whole host of others in ill fitting normal masks. Being made to wear a mask isn’t a panacea, and has only worked middling well.

This is a SARS virus. We know how those work. It can’t walk, it can’t fly, it can’t disapparate and appear in your nose. It travels on water vapor. So if you want to wear a mask, wear a mask. It’ll work fine. And by the way remember to wash your damn hands.

But the other part of the story is something else. I’m sick to death of people’s faulty reasoning, and simply using a facsimile of the degrees of Kevin Bacon to come to their ignorant conclusions.

  • The governor said we don’t have to wear masks.
  • So nobody will wear a mask
  • Masks save us from the virus
  • If we get the virus we’ll get sick
  • If we get sick, we’ll die

I’m really sick of this nanny state thinking. I haven’t looked at Texas’ numbers, but last time I saw both confirmed cases and deaths were plummeting. I’m certain the governor likes his gig and doesn’t want his voters to die. People shrieking like this need to be smacked upside the head with a rolled up newspaper. And those that don’t live here can kindly shut up about Texas.

Simple fact of the matter is the virus is going nowhere until we have herd immunity. We know this too. Until we get to a point where the virus has nowhere to go because people have either had it, been vaccinated, or simply won’t get it anyway, it’ll still be around. And all they did by locking people down was ensure that they have a supply of hothouse flowers that are susceptible to infection. Hell I’m not even a doctor and I know this. It’s a respiratory virus like the flu, only a little more contagious and a little more deadly. But the same precautions you would use for the flu worked perfectly fine for this.

But back to Kevin Bacon. Discussions like this wear me out. A large segment of our population uses this logic all the time about everything. Look at what’s going on with Dr. Seuss. Of anybody, he spent his whole life fighting unfairness and racism. It’s in his books. It makes no sense to go all the way back to a time where terms were used that would seem racist today. They weren’t then. And then to go misread the point of a book and then extrapolate it all the way out using today’s ethos and then having a hysterical hissy fit is beyond ignorant. We can have a discussion without the hissy fit, the drama, and whatnot, as long as a little reasoning is used.

But that won’t happen because a generation of spoiled idiots are in charge. It’s all so tiresome.

I think I need to get a supply of newspapers.