Monday Music

Not the best version of this tune. But it’s still good.

Seldom Scene is awesome. Just a group of normal blokes from the area I grew up. They all had day jobs, far as I know.

None of them are good looking. Only one or two have really good voices. But they can play.

Yet they put it together. And that’s the best thing about Bluegrass and Blues in general. It’s accessible, and about as unprocessed as you can be.

My old man used to take us to Shakey’s Pizza in Annandale VA to listen to music and eat pizza. Never occurred to us at the time how special that was. I think it was every Friday they had bluegrass. We’d eat pizza, drink sodas. He’d drink beer.

I’m sure that would be frowned upon today. But to us, a large family that never, ever ate out, it was special.