Dogs First Snow

I’ve been remiss. It’s been a hell of a week.

But we had snow in DFW last week. Real snow. Real, powdery skiing stuff which hasn’t happened ever, to my knowledge. Fisted the whole area. We aren’t setup for this.

That said, The pups had never seen this stuff…

Playtime. Before the snow and cold got ugly.

Let me explain what’s going on here.

Jethro, our big lab/shepherd wasn’t down for this. He was hanging in the house. So I badgered him out. There’s nothing funnier than 85lbs of fur and fangs frolicking. As he’s playing you hear fluttering and dog tags clanking. That would be the puppy, Jasper, flushing Orioles. A huge flock was roosting in the trees on our fenceline. He spent a good ten minutes running up and down flushing them.

Soon enough, it got wicked cold and the snow got deeper. They’d go out. But they preferred to hang with me in the warmth.