Ain’t nuthin’ but a party

So we are something like three weeks in to the Biden presidency and it looks pretty much as one would expect, a 100 megaton bozo explosion. Our beloved FICUS has been busily signing away dozens upon dozens of executive orders, upheaving any sort of rule of law, let alone common sense.

It’s not as if we haven’t seen this before. Hell this is my fourth Democrat president, and I’ve seen it every time. They hire all the lackeys out of their nonprofits, where they have been hibernating (or pupating) for four years who are now the running around like a kid left home for the weekend while his parents went away, with a fistful of credit cards.

What can I say other than ain’t nothing but a party.

Usually it takes months to get this screwed up. These guys are out for the world record. We know exactly how the story ends because we’ve seen it over and over again here, and in other countries. Worse than the rank incompetence, is the behavior straight out of any country that’s ever gone communist ever. Complete with a show trial. These things always end ugly because sooner rather than later people realize they’ve been duped and will probably kick up a fuss.

Hell in the first week alone he screwed over some of his biggest supporters. Stroke of the pen, and away go thousands of good union jobs and billions of dollars spent, not only of our money but other countries as well. Look at the Chamber of Commerce, this week starting to realize they are screwed. They thought they could do business with the guy. heh…Jokes on them, and we’ll have to pay for it.

I read a story the other day where Harris is starting to realize out that they don’t intend for her to do anything, just as Obama didn’t have grandpa Joe do anything for eight years other than grift. Wonder if she’ll get on the speech circuit?

The thing you have to remember for the next couple years is that on the end of every order, or idiotic piece of legislation, there is somebody with a bushel basket collecting money. It’s a big, wonderful club, and you ain’t in it.

The signs are there and growing. And they aren’t good. It won’t be long until geezers like me will be waxing romantic about Jimmy Carter.

“I remember, back in they day we only had to line up for gas…”