Now, matters are far worse…

What a week. You can read better details from any of my blog roll. Most have some great insights.

So what happened?

It appears a few hundred thousand posted to DC to let TPTB know of their taking exception to to rampant cheating, and utter systemic breakdown to address the problem. A relative handful broke into the capitol and congress skittered out like chickens on fire. (BTW, I grew up there. There were easily 250K there. It looked like the Jan 22. pro life protests you never see. I’d been trying to get to work in the middle of the things for 20 years.)

Did they break anything? Not so much.

Did they set fire to the place? Nope.

Did anyone get hurt? Some. One protester, Ashli Babbett was murdered, for sure. Dude shot her through a small window of a big strong door with a couch blocking it, with cops on the other side in the line of fire no less. A few others were killed we hear, but who trusts the morons telling us this?

Because the gaslight machine got dialed to 11.

Funny how they call a riot a ‘mostly peaceful protest’, and a mostly peaceful protest a ‘riot’. Looks to me that there didn’t break into anything. Appears they were let in for the photo op. And check this out – Apparently the mayor was asked if she needed support to control things. As usual with a democrat mayor or governor, I have to think; is she stupid and incompetent or did she mean to do it?

There’s no good answer here.

I said this before. The left uses the deadly sins as tools. All of them, but mostly pride, envy, and anger. These sins are monstrous. They’ve fed and nurtured these monsters all year long. They’ve played with them and let them off the leash to play. They chew up a city and they do the air force salute like their dog shit on the lawn. Not their fault, what can you do? You should expect this, so I’m not picking it up.

But they don’t understand monsters. Specifically Newton’s law of monsters – for every one you create, another opposite and equal one is created. The difference being that those of us on the right keep ours in a cage. But that monster came out this week, just to sniff around.

It wasn’t the monster with guns. All the de-platforming and talk un-personing people will wake that beast. And it won’t go back into it’s cage until it’s satiated. I’m not speculating. I’m telling. This has happened throughout history. And these fools would know it if they bothered to read a book.

Any by they way, it doesn’t take a lot of drama to cripple the media and big tech. Doesn’t take a bomb, or guns. A dude in a hard hat, that looks like he belongs, with a sawzall and a ballpeen hammer that knows where to go is all it takes. Pro tip: wanna cripple a tv station? Shoot the waveguides. Do it right, and I’m certain you’ll get a satisfying explosion. Not that I’m saying to do it, just that learn the technology, learn where an engineer didn’t take humans into account. Like (Fiber Optic) + (Ballpeen Hammer)= misery for someone. Back in the day, me. It wasn’t a hammer. It was “I dropped my pliers and it hit it”, it was a fatass that bent over and broke a rack of fiber with his ass. It was the idiot engineer that didn’t design the door with the thought that fiber connectors would stick out 1/2″ too far. Find the numb-nuttery quotient and exploit it.

One thing, for sure, that they underestimated is all those people in that big red area around the country. I know no one – literally, except maybe one idiot, that seems jazzed about Biden and Harris being inaugurated.

It’s going to be a crazy few weeks. But ponder this; these people aren’t acting like they won. They are acting like they were caught and are going full retard to keep what they’ve stolen. Why? There are so many dots that aren’t lining up.