On some level…the system works…

I had a friend tell me this at work one day. We’d just been through yet another round of layoffs, and the deadwood got clobbered. He said that as he pointed at the cubes where our mostly useless colleagues sat. Sad thing, it failed some time later when we got clobbered, leaving utter uselessness to prevail. Classic age-and-guile-beats-youth-and-skill event. Whatever.

We’ll see if our system works in a month or so. We have safeguards and “balance of power” right and left that have appeared to have failed.

Because cheating.

Because cheating on an epic scale. If you want to see a detail go here, or see Aesop for the list and figure out how the hell this is right and OK. They clearly cheated and that has to be dealt with. North of 70M know they’ve been cheated. Thirty percent of democrats believe Biden was cheated into office.

You’d think there’d be happy dances from the democrats and TDS sufferers. They won after all. Funny that there are few. And for good reason. Look at this:

Sweet Jesus what the fuck did I just see?

A writer at American Thinker said it best: If you have to prove you’re legit. You ain’t.

That coughing, weezing, geezing, shithead may be president. Vox Day has been saying he’ll never make it. I’m leaning that way. I see 50-50. He was only ever a vehicle to get Kamala Harris into the oval office. Hell, if I were a democrat, I’d be pissed. They cheated like hell to wind up with someone no one wanted – the first to be ejected from the island – as president.

Yeah. She’ll have a ‘mandate’ for sure.

Old Boy is a 47+ year backbencher. He’s done zero other than launder money through his dope fiend son. As an aside, WTF was up with Obama? His VP was grifting like a champ. His Secretary of State was grifting, and using a home built, insecure server. You mean to tell me the man never sent her an email and wondered why it’s going to a private address? The man didn’t know what his VP was up to? There’s no good answer here. He either didn’t know, which is a problem, or he was OK with it, which is yet another problem. But I digress…

I only know one person that thought Biden would be preferable to Trump. And he’s a teacher, and thus a union stooge looking to make sure his bread is buttered. There are two nobs up the street that still have giant Biden signs. Neighbors have been asking, nicely, for them to take them down. Soon, it won’t be nice. But everyone else I meet wonders what the hell happened and how did they get away with it?

It warms my heart to see the salad bowl that is the democrat constituency starting to realize they’ve been screwed. They were all used. Played for Dupes. In a call, Biden pretty much told the black leaders that they are screwed. They aren’t going to get what they wanted when they wanted it. The reason a recording surfaced was…they knew they got screwed.

Same with the “Squad”. SURPRISE! he’s ramping up with swamp creatures!. You’ll get zero, zip, nada. You all and the bernie-bots are out. He’s been ramping up his cabinet with the usual greasy suspects that have been oozing out of their non profits to grift some more and they don’t give two shits about your bleeding heart issues, other than how they get them to keep what they’ve gotten.

Same with BLM/Antifa. Watch. Within weeks, if that long, they act out, they’ll get stomped. They’re no longer useful without OrangeMan.

It’s a big club…And you ain’t part of it. I know I’m not. But I enjoy the useless idiots realizing they aren’t either. Going to be wild times ahead.

For me, elections are useless now. I used to argue with those I encountered that said they were all the same. Now, I’ll simply stab at the buttons on the machine randomly. If I recognize the name, I’ll vote for the other guy. If I even bother.