I’m not a yard sign guy.

What’s the point of a secret ballot if you broadcast to the world how you will vote. Mostly, I see this as mere virtue signalling. The majority of the political sign types, around here anyways, tend to have on up all year. “We don’t care who you are, we’re glad you’re our neighbor”…”Were all in this together.” Whatever.

If memory serves, in 2016 there wasn’t but about 2-3 Hillary signs, and almost no Trump signs. There were, however, many Beto signs. They popped up like weeds. I think his ground game involved giving out signs. I’m guess more than half let them put the sign up to get rid of them when they came to the door. Funny, When he said “Hell yeah we’re gonna take your guns!” They started disappearing like weeds dying and blowing away. Matter of fact, after he said that, I was out walking the hounds and saw an old boy waddle out of his house, grab the Beto sign and stuff it in a garbage bag.


This year, if my fingers and toes counting is right, signs are running about 1/2 and 1/2, which is astonishing. Funny, I can’t be sure, but I think after the last debate, some of the Biden signs are disappearing. Interestingly, the houses with Trump signs tend to fly the colors, usually year round. More often than not, this isn’t the case with the Biden crowd.

Democrats do love their yard signs. though. One dude, not too far away on an artery through the hood has 4′ x 4′ signs. Two of them. One Joe-and-the-ho, and one vote all democrat. That there is a serious fanboi.

With the democrats here, the median sign count is 4. They start with one or two and build up. My neighbor started with 1. He now he has 5. Two are repeats.

It goes like this;

  1. First sign is usually a Biden.
  2. Then someone running for congress. This year a congressman and senator.
  3. Then a blanket “Vote all Democrat.”

Then they add others as “flare” I guess. A “we’re all in this…”, or a tacky TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) sign. A few have BLM. Matter of fact, some fool power-washed “BLM” on his driveway. Funny, none of them are black. From what I see they are left coast transplants. Californicators.

A really dumb TDS sign. This dude recently moved here from CA. Has the tags still on his car. I saw one of these where the changed it to “Yes”.

I gotta wonder what they’re thinking. What goes through someone’s head that thinks it’s preferable to elect a demented, old, horribly corrupt, back-bencher, who appears to have been running a racket that would make the mob blush, paired with a thoroughly unlikable woman, last in the class in the primaries. I’ve seen more women turned off by her behavior at the debates than I can count. I’ve heard even democrats saying he couldn’t have made a worse choice. And after his debate performance and recent revelations of graft and depravity, I can’t see how anyone would still be a fan. This is beside the point that he’s clearly the “Weekend at Bernies” candidate. This is a massive bait-and-switch and they aren’t even trying to hide it.

Face it, the democrat party has screwed their base again. In 2016 Bernie got them all chubbed up, bent a knee to the wicked witch of the northeast, and fled with the cash. He did something similar this time.

Going to be some long faces come November 4th, I’m guessing. Because:

  • It’s very, very rare the incumbent doesn’t win. It’s only happened once in my lifetime and I’m old.
  • The stiff never wins. Biden’s the stiff here.
  • Old Boy’s been MIA most of the summer. When he does show up, he’s a hot mess of word salad.
  • There is a massive enthusiasm factor difference. Trump rocks up to thousands strong crowds. Biden and Harris posted at one recently where no one showed up. Tell me when that’s ever happened. I find it hard to believe that those long lines at the polls are all Biden fans. They turned up to stand in line to vote but don’t go show the guy some love when he’s in town? I’m not buying it.
  • Where are the party heavyweights? Hillary poked her head out of a cave to croak that Joe shouldn’t concede not matter what. Hasn’t been seen since. Obama has been mostly MIA, showing up this week to rally a dozen or so folks. He was dead last to endorse the old man. They smell the stink of failure and don’t want it sticking. They want to keep separate to glom more cash as a future alternative.

Couple things are true this election season. First is that the left is out of their skulls with TDS. I’ve read some seriously deranged stuff from them in the last month or so, an example of which is their activity plan for DC election week. The second is that if they shove old boy into office through lawfare, then switch him out for herself this country will come apart.

Normally, I’d end with “Buy guns and ammo while you still can”. But you really can’t any more.

Stock up on beans, rice, and spam I guess.