Measuring your Words

Wranglerstar posted a great video:

My dad had some advice for measuring your words, thinking before you speak, that he gave a number of us kids. I won’t do it justice. I only remember it from my brother telling me a few years ago, which jogged a dim memory of him telling me. It went something like this; “You can say you’re sorry. You can say you didn’t mean it. But you can’t say you didn’t say it. Once you say it, it’s out there.” I don’t remember if he was referring to a spouse, a girlfriend, or anyone in general. But it was sage advice on dealing with relationships and avoiding gossip.

Talking smack about your spouse es no bueno. And he’s right, in the video. For a few women I know, there is nothing worse. Almost up there with cheating. Tough to fix that broken trust.

He died fairly young, at 65. Born on black Friday, 1929, his birthday is coming up in a few weeks. It’s been nearly 30 years and I still miss the guy.

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  1. He was, I believe, saying it in the context of what we say to a spouse, but it’s universal. Also, just to nitpick, he was 63 when he passed.


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