Rest in Peace, EVH

Eddie Van Halen passed this week after battling Cancer. Throat Cancer is where it started. It’s a pretty common form among men. Matter of fact, it happened to me. You can read about it here. I was told that if it came back, it would come back in my lungs, which is what appears to be what happened to Eddie.

And it’s a shame. Guitar hero doesn’t describe him. Virtuoso does, as well as ground breaking. I’ve played since second grade and can’t come close. Then again, while I like Metal, it isn’t something I listen too a lot, nor that I had any interest in playing. Music has to resonate with you to make it from your head to your heart and hands. As Johnnie Lee Hooker said; “He’s got the boogie woogie in him and it gotta come out”

Story is that he felt it was the metal picks he held in his mouth gave it to him. Nope. They know quite a bit how it’s caused. It happens one of two ways:

  1. Your throat wears out. Usually this is with geezers that have smoked and drank into their 70s and 80s. Dude partied harder that I can fathom.
  2. HPV. That’s the kind younger guys get, and the type I had. Dude partied harder than I can imagine.

No matter, the treatment sucks and you never really make it 100% back. This news has me spooked, as I sit here, my lungs screaming and my throat utterly dry and dysfunctional due to allergies. At least I hope it’s allergies.

I have tons of integration/migration work to do this week. So I’ll be playing Van Halen while I work.