Denver again? Can I carry an oxygen bottle on the plane?

Denver is the capital and the most populous city of the state of Colorado. It is nicknamed the Mile-High City because its official elevation is exactly one mile, or 5,280 feet (1,609 m) above sea level, which explains the lack of oxygen.
The United States Census Bureau estimated that the population of Denver was 598,707 in 2008, making it the 24th most populous U.S. City. Denver also has a semi-arid climate with four distinct seasons. Of which I’ve seen two – pleasant and sunny and utterly miserable. This also means that in addition to not being able to breathe, you’ll dehydrate if you don’t walk around with a water bottle in your hand.

Only thing I can think that Denver is famous for is Coors beer, which I happen to like (I don’t often drink beer, but when I do, I make sure it’s coors…heh heh) and the Broncos which I mostly don’t.

Denver is heavy on the cowboy motif and being from Texas, it doesn’t work for me. This is especially evident in the airport tram’s announcements; “Hold on there partner.. the electronic voice chimes in followed by cowboy ring tones.

And then there is what I call the demon horse as you enter the facility – vivid blue with glowing red eyes. Honestly I’ve been here a half dozen times before I noticed it. Apparently it’s new and not liked much.

The airport itself is probably as far away from living humans as I think they could get away without putting it in Nebraska. Don’t plan on taking a cab, it’ll cost nearly a hundred clams- cash just to get to something like a city.
Location most likely is due to the population of nimbys, no doubt judging from the number of environmental-motif bumper stickers…

People I’ve met are mostly nice. Keep in mind I judge by the fruits I attract and the ones I get stuck behind. I’ve also seen quite a few xenophobes (“native” bumper stickers) and Snarks. There are more prius per capita than I’ve seen anywhere, even California. I had a ford focus here once that barely started in the minus ten degree snowstorm. Wonder how the snarkmobile does? Natives tell me all this is due to an infestation of Californians, which apparently make the real estate market unbearable here, so maybe the priuses belong to the relocated Californians. Who knows.

My first trip to Denver was to a customer on Colfax avenue, otherwise known as “the hood”. On nearly every trip I get restaurant tips from the locals but that time, they suggested the cafeteria on-site. Well, you could go to a drive through but definitely don’t get out of the car. My drive-by survey of a few fast food places revealed an architecture and ambiance I’ve seen in such places as Oak Cliff and Anacostia; No interior seating, and the restaurant staff working behind bulletproof glass.

Luckily there were a few places by the hotel in an area called Stapleton. At the scene of the old, more conveniently located airport they built one of those inside-out malls. That had a few chains to visit as well as a Bass Pro. There was a place called Ling and Louie’s there where the affable bartender recognized me every trip over six months and hooked me up every time. Each time asking me if I had a chance to go to his buddies place in the “W” hotel in Dallas. Didn’t have the heart to tell him not many people north of 635 in Dallas are going to travel downtown to a hotel restaurant.

My next few trips were to tech center – an area much like any yuppie infested locale anywhere else in the country. And lastly highlands ranch, indistinguishable from Northern Virginia only with nicer scenery and crummier restaurants.

The only reason I can imagine for coming here, after all these trips, is easy access to some top notch skiing.Otherwise it’s shear torture as you gup for air and dry up like a tuna dragged onto a boat.

Travel details:
Flights – all routine. I’ve scored first class upgrades on nearly all of them.

Hotels – Stayed at Marriotts every time. None I’ve been to in Denver have had the cool media center upgrades though.

Cars (Last three):
Chevy Impala– one of the worst cars I’ve ever driven, exceeded in it’s awfulness only by a similarly appointed Malibu I got in Orange County Ca. Is it picky to get annoyed at tires squealing every time you take a corner faster than your average grandma?

Ford Fusion – Probably one of the best I’ve gotten. Reminded me of an Audi, Only without the cool German motor. It was everything the Impala was not.

Hyundai Santa Fe – Pretty cool little crossover. Handled weird though. I was booking down Pena road (from the airport) digging in my bag like an idiot and I managed to get one of those simple-harmonic motion rocking things going on. Not unlike what happens just before a car rolls over. But luckily I corrected it pretty quickly. I got to thinking “Hell, these things really are the death traps my boss says they are”.

Oddly enough, it snowed pretty good during the week. In the snow, the Santa Fe got pretty surefooted.  The only complaint I could muster is that it had the acceleration of a fully loaded dump truck. For whatever reason, it couldn’t get out of it’s own way even though it cruised well enough when finally up to speed.

Next: Pittsburg, La Tierra de la fea.