And So it Begins…

Welcome to Texas!

They’ve been predicting shitstorms all day. It was supposed to start in the morning, so I was planning on working all day, no dog walking.

But it didn’t.

So, I walked the dogs, then went back to work.

After lunch, the sun came out.

So I hit a dilemma. Today is a biking day. But I’d planned on riding maybe Friday.

So I took a break and had a ride. I feel better for it.

Then, back to work.

I have a lot of stuff to do that’s mostly administrivia. So I can listen to radio or Spotify.

They are crowing about impending doom.

Here it comes, heading right at me.

2″ Hail. 2 @#_)*@F Inch HAIL.


As I write this, it’s still partly cloudy. But I see what’s coming.

I’ve already secured the spa cover, and my car is under the carport as far as it can go. I’ve cleared the gutters.

The kicker here is the dogs are hunkering down. That’s a bad sign this time of day, where they are usually in my grill wanting to play, and get up from my day at the desk. I tried to take pics, but they saw me and got up. Jethro was curled up at the back door, Aria, on the bed by the Sunroom. Couldn’t be too bad, since she’s not under my feet.

I’ll, of course, document any misery. But we’re a tight ship. We should be OK.

(Update – around 5:15, Aria hunkered down in my office. A bad sign.)