The Kids Aren’t Alright

Joey TenPercent came on the tube the other day to tell us the banks are fine.

Uncle Sugar will cover all your losses. At least all the losses of SVB, where the average of the deposit is something on the order of $2.1M. There’s a better explanation here, one that I had trouble grokking.

This’ll end badly. Why?

Because they never really fixed things in 2008 and they’ve been spending like drunken sailors since. Joey’s budget is 6.8T. Think of that number. It’s more than every president has spent up to Bush, at least and these people’s incompetence is redline off the charts.

Don’t trust a word this geezer says. Whatever comes out of his addled brain is probably the opposite of reality and I don’t trust the puppetmasters that are animating him to do anything right.

Hunker down. This is just beginning.