Shithead of the Week

I’m at a loss for a title. This has to do.

Every week I have someone do something so incredibly stupid, dangerous, and shortsighted my jaw drops.

I have a dashcam, so I’ll post the best of the week, if I travel much.

This weeks numbnut:

Did you see it?

Numbnut all but cut off the dude in the left lane, and stopped cold dead in the left lane to turn left. Note the existence of the turn lane he’s ignoring.

The proper move would have been to go straight, u-turn. Go right, u-turn.

And get this – All the streets in this city, and area in general, are in a grid. So go 1/2 mile, turn left. You’ll get to the same gottdamn place.

Gotta be a retarded locust.

Thought I left this shit in Northern Virginia twenty years ago. It’s like fuggin herpes.