Sign O’ the Tard

I can’t believe anyone would be wearing a mask these days.

But they are. I see them every day.

In cars. In the store. Out on the sidewalk waiting for the bus.

And it’s not just oldsters. I’ve seen all types. And rarely, if ever, are they wearing an N95 mask, properly fitted. It’s usually a cheap paper one with gaps or worse a cloth one – with gaps.

It’s the new security blanket. Because it’s doing nothing for you and little for others around you.

The funniest are those walking or biking whilst masked. But right behind them are the ones that are wearing it and taking it off to eat at a restaurant, or drink coffee at starbucks. You take it off, you negated any protection you had. When I see someone masked up in the wild, I take it as a sign they are none too bright, and are probably pretty gullible.

Fact of the matter is:

  • Most weren’t going to get the Coof. Most have functioning immune systems that with shrug it off or wipe it out with mild symptoms. I’m guessing north of 90% for that crowd.
  • Of those that got it, most shrugged it off in a few days. I was in that crowd. I had a flu like bug a month ago that was far, far worse than COVID, which came and went for me in three days. Gone as fast as it appeared.
  • Another small percentage had to be hospitalized. I know three or four of these. Three are older than 70.
  • Then there were those that died. >3% of those that got it, if memory serves.

The only time I wear a mask is if I’m handed one, usually at a medical facility, and told to wear it.

I get it. There are sick people there and the ventilation in the exam rooms is horrible. The mask probably does little good, but one has to pick his battles.