Dog Stuff

The world’s heading to hell in a handbasket.

Doesn’t seem to bother the dogs one bit.

I tried out a new primary doc today. Seems smart and dedicated. The last guy I had blew a cancer diagnosis (“MMMh..don’t know. It’s not cancer, it’s too soft). What he was poking at was a stage 2 tumor in my lymph node, caused by the stage 4 one in my throat.

I think I’ve seen the dude once or twice since. Usually, I’m shunted off to his Assistant. This genius told me, when I called about having COVID, “I don’t know what you want me to do”.

I don’t know. How about – advice? Drink fluids, take tylenol, call me if X, Y, or, Z happens?

Dedicated. Professional.

That said, I’m done bitching for the week. I’ll write about dogs.

Couple days ago we had a huge storm roll through. I sat here working, looking at the cameras thinking I might be able to squeeze in a walk before it hits. Nope. The cameras were amplifying the light. Once I looked out the window, the skies looked ominous. Not long after they opened up.

Few minutes before it hit, Aria settled down at my feet. That’s unheard of in the mornings.

Acutally, she only does that when it storms. I found Jethro curled up at the garage door.

Interesting. Both dogs went deep into the house, as opposed to their normal spots.

In the evening, I was rewatching Derek from ViceGrip garage’s Motortrend episode on recovering an AMC Rebel convertible. I like the series. In this channel, he does what I would do – replace most of the parts – hoses, carbs, wires, just like I did back in the day when I bought a beater as opposed to scrimping as he does on his youtube channel.

Jet was gripped by the episode:

He was growling at the screen. But I couldn’t catch it.

But that’s his spot in the evenings, watching tube with us.

He’s been having issues itching all fall and he’s been digging at his ears. Also stunk like hell. That’s a huge, unfortunate clue. So off to the vet he went.

$500 later, he had a new med in his ears (it’s a one hit, turns into a gel that clings deal), A bottle of antibiotics, and one of an allegy med – Apoquel. He’s had that before. It all appeared to work well. He’s hardly scratched, and hasn’t been chewing on himself one bit since. And, he’s become annoyingly frisky again, barking, mumbling, and generally hassling me to out and play. Both dogs were playing like puppies this morning.

I’ll take that.

What a goofball.