Dog Friday

Everythings going to hell in a handbasket. Inflation sucks. We’re ruled by imbeciles. Yada, yada, yada.

But at least it’s not raining. Here. Yet.

Matter of fact, it’s gotten quite cool here and the pups love it. Aria really has come alive. She’s not a hot weather dog, what with that thick fur coat and whatnot. I don’t have to coax her to walk every morning. She’s front and center. And when we return she wants to play. I got Jethro a new orange squeaky ball, and it’s by far his favorite so far. Orange or purple.

For whatever reason, he doesn’t care for blue or green. Green tennis balls are ubiquotus and free around here. The tennis crowd at the park never bothers to collect them if they go over the fence. I gave up on harvesting them. But a pink or orange one? They’ll be all over it.

So I felt bad for Aria. She has no toys of her own. Back when Jasper was here, he’d take them from her, so she’d give up. That said, she loves these squeaky ladybug toys from Zippypaws. So when I ordered food, I threw one into the order.

She went nuts.

Then Jet tried to steal it.

Jethro has 30 lbs on her, and jaws like vice grips.

I felt bad for her. So a few seconds after, I prevented Jet from ruining it by grabbing his coveted orange ball, giving it a squeak, and letting it fly. He dropped the toy like it was on fire and took off.

Aria grabbed her toy, ran inside, and put it in her crate.

It’s since been destroyed. Anything cloth Jethro will tear to pieces. There’s maybe 1/4 of it left, and Aria will still fetch it with gusto.

Since it’s cooled, and there’s only the two, the dogs have become much more frisky and playful. Since the heat broke, I don’t see Aria inside until way late afternoon. She’ll be at the gate watching the neighborhood, in the back yard waiting for squirrels to make a stupid move, or snoozing in the sunroom (so she can keep an eye on the rodents).

It’s so uplifting to watch the pups play. Makes you forget the week’s silliness.

We really don’t deserve them.