Done with Smart Watches

I’m done with my smart watch.

For the longest time, I had an Apple Watch. There was a lot good about it. I liked getting textes that I could scan without pulling out my phone. I liked the maps app tapping my wrist, telling me when to turn, and I especially liked the ‘find my phone’ feature.

What I didn’t like was paying for screens.

The third one fell off and skittered across the kitchen floor. And in the process of reinstalling it, the watch blew up.

So I bought a Wyze watch. Why? It was $30. I also have a lot of their stuff, and for the most part it works well.

It had the text alerts and find my phone, which only worked when you synced the thing to your app on your mobile. When it is syncing, it’s burning battery on the phone. And, I don’t check the app all that much any longer. I have a few cameras around that are there for me to check where Jasper was, or if the back door was shut. I don’t need that any longer, since he’s at his new home and the other two can’t be bothered to run out of the gate when I return. Either of us can come or go as we please.

So I’m back to a standard watch.

I really just need the date and time.

The watches I have are way slimmer, and you can see them in the sunshine.

I suppose not being trackable by my watch is another benefit.