Good Eatin’

I’m doing Woody B’s tonight.

I had the salmon and his sides last night.

Here in North Texas, you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a BBQ place. There are utility places like Dickies and Spring Creek, which are as ubiquotus as McD’s nearly. Then there are the higher end places like 1050 or Lockharts, which are over-the-top good.

Then you have Woody B’s. He’s actually a friend of mine. Everything the man makes is over the top – the meat, the sides. But his model is different. He caters, and he also vacuum seals and refrigerates. That way, you bring it home and heat it up Sous Vide style.

What comes out is magic. Just like he pulled it from the smoker.

He has customers that have literally stuffed a cooler to fly home with it, it’s that good.

So if you’re in North Dallas – hit it. Best BBQ anywhere.