Imperfect Produce or Misfit Market?

Sometime back, I caught the laziness bug and started ordering groceries online.

I started with Imperfect produce, which morphed into Imperfect Foods. I seem to remember when they started that their gig was to sell you the produce that otherwise wouldn’t be bought – too big, too small, and whatnot. They’ve expanded a bit and not include some brands you’ll see in any store, as well as some organic stuff you’ll see in a grocery, but more likely at Whole Foods or any other hippy organic store.

You know, the stuff you stare at but rarely buy.

I bought some of that food, but it really was unremarkable. Also, you had to watch what you were ordering. If I ordered a pound or two of sweet potatoes, I might get one as big as a football, or a ton of tiny ones.

The produce was OK, as were some of the other products. But I found I wasn’t saving a lot of money doing this and I kind of preferred sizing up my produce before buying.

For a few months, I’ve been getting ads for Misfit’s Market with a decent discount to try them out. So I thought to myself, meh…I’ll give it another try. Some of the produce in stores is hit and miss. So I dropped the hammer.

Not either

Cute box. What was inside wasn’t.


The icepack had long since melted. But I’m thinking that most of the produce in it was already on it’s way out. There was very little usable in the box.

Awesome first impression!

Unlike Imperfect foods, which has a delivery fleet, Misfits ships FedEx ground. It arrived a day late, and the tracking info said they had tried to deliver. They did no such thing. My cameras showed no activity in the two small periods I wasn’t home.

They have a handy complaint form on the site – which, curiously, includes spoiled food.

I got a crappy $5 credit on a $35 order.

I cancelled my account.

Fact of the matter is, within a very short drive there are like five groceries – three Tom Thumbs and two Krogers – Two Walmarts, a Sam’s, Central Market, Whole Foods, Sprouts, and Trader Joes.

If I want crappy produce, I can hit Wally World down the street.

I can hit Sprouts and Trader Joes and get fresh produce all day long, and $35 is a lot of veggies at Sprouts.

Imperfect foods is courting me with stupid discounts. But I think I’ll stick with the local places.