Friday Music

I’m sure I’ve posted this before.

But I’m old and forget shit.

For the uninititated, a 12 string guitar has roughly double the string tension of a six string.

An Acoustic has a higher (generally) action than an electric.

When you play a 12 string, you notice straight away that you don’t have the strings sticking up the same. They seem softer. But they aren’t. That becomes apparent a few minutes in when your hands start aching.

They sound cool though.

I bought one awhile back, and it was tough, tough, tough to work with the action until I got it where I wanted it. I found that I could get nearly a cool sound out of my telecaster with the Ghost system. Matter of fact, I had pretty heavy strings – .013 on it. More often than not Jazz strings (flat wound). Didn’t tax me anywhere near as much as the 12 string.

Check out that Ghost Bridge

My best build ever.

I’m getting the itch. Haven’t seen anything on eBay worth spending any dough on. I may go from scratch again.