A Binary Choice

A long time ago in a city far away, I used to work on call center gear. I’d travel around with a co-worker, Dan the Call Center Man. Dan was a classic liberal.

He was an interesting dude, and we became friends, even though he was of the left and me on the right. We’d have epic discussions while out to dinner when we were traveling.

I miss being able to have discussions on controversial subjects without things getting personal.

When I read this on Ace of Spades, It brought me back:

That was me.

We were discussing abortion, and I wasn’t as devout as I am today. So I was hemming and hawing, looking for middle ground. And he said “No! NO! you guys all do this! It’s either wrong all the time or it’s not”.

He was guessing I’d relent. I did the opposite.

“You’re right. It’s wrong. All the time. That’s it. Tough shit, I’m against it.”

The change took him by surprise and ended the discussion.

But as I’ve become more devout, it’s the right position. For crying out loud, there’s so many methods to avoid getting pregnant, most cheap if not free. I know more than a few women that deeply regret getting an abortion. I really don’t want to know what will happen to their souls when they pass, but I can guess it won’t be good.

But back to the article; they don’t know when to stop and they can’t compromise. It’s all or nothing, and what happens in the end is they get nothing.

They protested all this by blocking the beltway in DC earlier in the month.

Yeah. That’ll get people over to your side. Block traffic for 20 miles or so for hours in stifling heat.

Good for the environment. Good for your cause.

I watched a dramatic scene, back in the day, about a traffic jam on the Woodrow Wilson bridge where some numbnut was threatening to jump. Some of my employees got stuck in it. I was incredulous. Screwit – toss him over. It’s not that high, the water not that deep, and the current isn’t a big deal. The cops below would fish him out.

That’s what I’d do. Chuck him over.

We’re heading into a time where it won’t matter why you are acting out. Reaction will be swift, violent, severe.

This is what happens when you draw lines.

Back to my pal; we had boarded the plane and were getting settled in, and I took out Ollie North’s book, which just came out.

My buddy sized that up and said “Holy shit, you’re really like that (a right winger).

Never letting an opportunity to shove someone off a pedestal, I said “Ollie North is My Hero!”

(He wasn’t of course, it was simply a popular book at the time I bought to read on the plane)