Diminishing Returns

I’ve been off this week. Had big plans. Plans that had to change. Why?


Not even the hottest part of the day either.

The heat is so bad, it’s nauseating.

I’m strugging to keep my plants alive. Although the sunflowers and wildflowers I planted seem to bo doing OK.

Even the persimmon tree seems to be thriving:

I did get most of the outside stuff I wanted to do done, with the exception of planting my olive trees and replacing my driveshafts. Both of those need to wait for a decent dip below 100.

So I had to content myself with inside work, or at least in the garage with a fan running.

I finished my tea cart, which will be a story all by itself.

The big thing that made this week weird is Jasper moving to his new home. He had a rough first night, and second day, so I had some back and forth with the new family. I told him to treat him like a rambunctious middle schooler who’s telling them they aren’t the boss of him.

I’ve been waiting to see how that shakes out before writing about it. To say I’m conflicted is an understatement.

Next week it’s back to the grind with me, as well as my battery of six month doctor visits.

Won’t that be fun.