Leaky Courts

Apparently there was a leak from a Supreme Court.

Now, we have histrionics.

How long? How long, oh Lord, will we have to endure pinheads freaking out and acting up?

First off when the thing first posted, I heard a bit of it being talked about on the radio and their conclusion early on was that this was not written by Alito because the style of writing did not match his. It was a style of maybe a first year law student. So going back to my piece earlier this week and I’m not so sure it’s a leak. I’m thinking it was a plant. I’m calling BS.

Why then did we have protesters already mobilized with nice printed signs and everything?

Geez that was fast. Almost like they were ready for it.

I’m now the same way with histrionics as I am with morons. It happens every time and there is no gray area with these people. It’s one or the other, logic and reason nowhere to be found. If Roe versus Wade is overturned it goes back to the states where it should’ve been in the first place. The reason this is so contentious is that the process was not allowed to play out, it was subverted by nine people in robes.

So abortion isn’t going away anytime soon, not everywhere. There are plenty of states that have it unrestricted, and many that have pretty severe restrictions on the practice. Restrictions, I might add very similar to those in Europe.

These people freak out over everything, and frankly I’m numb to it. We had the same shrieking and rending of garments when Texas banned abortions 20 weeks and later, insisted the facility be medical grade, and that the doctor had hospital admittance privileges. Funny , I thought they had that before. Apparently not. Matter of fact there’s been some horrible documentaries come out about how awful these places are run, and that it’s all about the cash. Texas just cranked down on it harder, now it’s 6 weeks/fetal heartbeat.

By the way there is a process to which these lefties never seem to follow or never seem to feel that it applies to them. There’s a process to pass laws, there’s laws in place that say you’re not supposed to do things like leak memos, there’s laws about protesting which apparently get enforced in the extreme if you’re on the right side and ignore it if you’re on the left. I think this “leak” and the reaction on the left is a worse threat to democracy than whatever happened January 6, 2020

I have a couple thoughts about this, being a devout Catholic. First is, even if you’re a lukewarm Catholic, you have to know being on the wrong side of this condemns your soul to hell for eternity. You may be able to get away for doing nothing about it, but you sure aren’t going to if you had a hand in making it happen. Given the court has a lot of Catholics on it, you think they get this. I wouldn’t want to be in front of God being judged about the matter. I’ll take my chances with hysterical lefties.

In every one of their arguments – everyone- there’s that chunk of logic that you take out the makes the whole thing fall to pieces. That chunk here is you don’t have to have sex. I think I told that to everyone of my kids. It wasn’t going to kill you not to have it, and one should think long and hard about the consequences if you do. Contraception is ubiquitous and cheap. There’s no reason, other than being Catholic, that you shouldn’t take advantage of this if that’s a lifestyle you want to lead.

Maybe, you should think about consequences. Maybe, there should be consequences for making life decisions like this. Maybe if you father a child, you’re on the hook for it until it’s an adult and if you don’t pay your child support and we have to, you’re going to a debtor’s prison of some type.

But back to the leaked opinion, it stinks on ice. I don’t believe for a second that this is an actual opinion written by a justice or a clerk. I think was written to inflame, and “leaked” on purpose, probably to move the court’s decision making process the way they want. But then again the date for this thing was back in February and they’ll publish the decision in a month or so. Chances are whatever it was it’s a done deal right now..

We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?