Let Papa Fix It

Now that I’m done the floor, I have a stack of projects around here to do. And what better thing than to post these on a weekly basis.

I found this on Kenny’s site, I think:

Damn straight. Not enough of this happening these days. BTW – This is what my son went through and what my grandkids will as well. Man-Skills need passing on.

So I had a great project – fix my burnt out drill, but didn’t get to it. But found an easy one.

This has had it.

This sign is wasted.

And God forbid a brick and mortar business would have one around here. So I had to get one on Amazon. The dog on the one I got looks just like a pissed off Jethro or Aria.

Installing a new sign is as good a reason as any to pop the cherry on my new Ryobi impact driver.

New Toy. Damn it’s nice.

Sure. It’s an easy fix. One any nob with a screwdriver could do.

But it’s a start.

(BTW – this is sort of important, because they will absolutely bite anyone that shouldn’t be in the yard. They’ve already killed a possum, numerous rats, and a cat. I had someone complain that they went to the fence and the dogs tried to attack them. No shit they did. Duh. Hence, the signs.)

I’m happy with the Ryobi. I got a drill/impact set. I started out with a Makita, but it’s chuck clutch busted and the batteries went sour. Damn batteries were as much as a new one. I ended up with a Kawasaki drill I got at Sams for $30. Kawasaki green and everything. It’s worked well, but it’s battery is getting long in the tooth as well. I’ll find someone to pass it on to.